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I am a walking oxymoron...an attorney and a yoga teacher...a runner and former dancer. I love to travel and experience new things but, at the same time, hate to miss a workout, have horrible allergies, and get sick when I eat wheat, dairy, and most processed foods. This blog chronicles my journey toward healthy living. My hope is that I learn a few things about better taking care of myself and help a few other Type A personalities out along the way...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Blue...

For years, I felt tired as soon as I woke up in the morning, constantly complained of stomach aches and migraines, had trouble concentrating, felt so dizzy at times that I could not even stand, and considered it a miracle if I went a day without crying. I had acne, chapped lips, dandruff, and experienced hair loss.

While retinol and benzol peroxide did the trick on the acne front, I could not seem to shake any of these other symptoms. I put "symptoms" in italics because generally we associate symptoms with sign of some sort of disorder or disease or at least something that a doctor can identify and possibly help us to cure; however, after numerous doctors visits, tests, misdiagnoses and medications nobody seemed to be able to pinpoint what was making me feel so lousy.

"Chronic fatigue", one doctor proclaimed. "If you stop exercising so much, you will feel a little better." "Anxiety," another explained. Bipolar disorder, stress...pregnancy? - No, no, and definitely NO!!!! The list went on. Thousands of dollars in medical bills later, I could still barely get myself out of bed in the morning, could not concentrate enough to read my law school assignments, and saw no end in sight.

Changing my diet and taking vitamins seem to be the only things that have made a difference. In fact, sometimes, if I eat an extremely restricted diet and take supplements, I have no symptoms at all! Of course, this can get a little exhausting and does not lead to the best social life.

More on that later...

For now, this is my first post on my blog, documenting the road I am taking from life in the blue to life in the pink.

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